New Products

October 17, 2018

As time goes on vehicles get older, dashboards crack and bubble, door panel’s break and scuff. For as time goes on and that happens we will be here coming out with new parts. That being said, we are happy to introduce our new products and our new door insert repair product line!

We now have a dash cover for a 2007-2012 Lexus ES350! These dashboards are becoming notorious for cracking and flaking. Having a car as nice as a Lexus makes an unpleasant dashboard view is extremely nerve racking. Our solution for this is part #11-709LL. This dash cover as well as all of our dash covers is made from ABS plastic that is vacuum formed for a perfect fit. The fitment is so perfect you won’t even know it’s a cover. The installation is extremely easy, only takes minutes and will last the life of the car.

The next part we are excited to have is part #12-59 which fits a 2005-2009 Ford Mustang. These Ford Mustang inserts always begin to sag over time and the Coverlay solution is the best one you can find. Again, made from ABS plastic and vacuum molded to fit perfect. Installation is quick and easy, no need to remove the door panel from the door. Just pull off the old vinyl/leather, scrap off any excess glue, and stick ours on using the silicone adhesive that we provide!

Now that I have mentioned the Ford Mustang Insert I can tell you about the new Door Panel Insert product line. We have door inserts for a Ford Fusion, and many different makes and models of Volkswagens. They all tend to have the same issue of sagging vinyl leaving you with a sloppy looking interior. With installation as easy as it is why would you not want to purchase an amazing solution for such a good price? Get to and check out our new products and new product line. With over 400 parts I’m sure we have what you need to upgrade the interior of your vehicle.

Meeting your needs, exceeding your expectations.

-Team Coverlay