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Interior Auto Parts

Has your vehicle’s interior seen better days? Is it time to install a dash cover, instrument panel cover, or replace your door panels? At Coverlay Manufacturing, we supply interior auto parts including dash covers, door panels, door inserts, and instrument cover panel covers - among other parts for a wide variety of makes and models. Whether you’ve got an import or an American-made vehicle, we’re here to supply you with quality products at a price that’s sure to make you happy. We pride ourselves on our high-quality and easy-to-install dashboard covers and replacement door panels. You won’t just get your product at a great value—you also won’t have to spend much time or effort to install your vehicle’s new interior.

We have been part of the automotive industry since 1982. If you have any questions about our products or what you’ll need for your vehicle, we’re always happy to provide you with our expert assistance. You won’t be disappointed with your new interior auto parts from Coverlay Manufacturing.