We've Updated Our Website

With a fresh new look and feel as well as new content and features, we hope to enhance the user experience and to better serve the needs of customers looking to enhance the appearance of their automobile. 

“We redesigned the Coverlay website to be a valuable source of information for anyone needing to update their vehicles with our product line,” said Jan Henderson, Director of Sales and Marketing for Coverlay.  “Plus, we made the website much more user friendly allowing visitors to find the exact information they are looking for in an expedient manner.  We encourage our current customers and those new to Coverlay to explore all of our exciting improvements.”

The new site provides a search engine directing customers to the parts available for their exact Year/Make/Model.  We also provide examples of generic colors available and installation information in an easy to follow format.  New products will be featured as well as any current specials available. 

Dealer enrollment information will be available for those in the automotive business.  Current Dealers are encouraged to contact us at 1-800-633-7090 for access to our new dealer-direct website.

For more information contact our customer service staff at 1-800-633-7090, by email: coverlay@gmail.com, or visit us online at www.coverlaymfg.com.