About Coverlay®

Our Mission

To design, manufacture, and provide high quality automotive parts which are affordable AND easy to install.

Our History

Coverlay® Manufacturing, Inc. originated in Denver, Colorado in 1982.  Originally incorporated as Import Auto Products, Ltd., a Colorado corporation, the company imported auto products for foreign vehicles, but switched to manufacturing dash covers after seeing the tremendous need for dash covers for both foreign and domestic vehicles.

After operating in Colorado for approximately 10 years, Coverlay Manufacturing founder and CEO, Paul Cornwell, decided to move the plant to San Angelo, Texas.  Known for its warm and dry climate, San Angelo was better suited for the manufacturing business with less downtime due to snow delays or other inclement weather challenges.  Coverlay moved into a newly constructed facility at 4017 Highway 67 North, where the plant still resides today.

Our trademarked Coverlay® brand name soon became recognized throughout the auto industry and the corporation changed its company name to Coverlay Manufacturing Inc. in 1994.  Soon after the success of its dash cover line, Coverlay Manufacturing started to design, manufacture, and provide other interior auto parts such as replacement door panels, kick panels, arm rest, door inserts, and more.  Coverlay® Manufacturing Inc. has expanded its operation and has plans for further expansion in the next few years. 

Our Founder

Paul Cornwell . President/CEO

Paul Cornwell was born in Russell, KS and was raised in Fort Collins, CO.  Paul attended Colorado State University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree, and was commissioned as an Infantry Lieutenant in the US Army.  Paul is a Vietnam Veteran and had a storied tenure in the war while overseas.  He served both in active duty and the reserves for 16 years, and earned the rank of Major.  Paul decided to go back to college and enrolled in the University of Colorado where he majored in Accounting.  He then obtained his CPA certification, and had a successful career in the accounting field.  During this time, Paul worked for the automobile industry for both Goodyear and Cadillac.  Soon Paul saw an opportunity to start his own company in the auto parts industry, and he and a partner formed Import Auto Products Inc.  Important Auto Products Inc became Coverlay Manufacturing Inc., and the rest as they say is “history”. 

When Paul is not busy leading Coverlay, he spends much time with his family and is involved in various community projects and interest.  Some of the organizations Paul supports and is involved in are Rotary International, Trinity Lutheran School and Church, and support for military families and their children.  Paul is also an avid sport fisherman and enjoys getting on the lake in his bass boat whenever the opportunity arises.